General administration and registration is the responsibility of the Director. Academic issues are the responsibility of the Academic Director. Strategic direction as well as academic development is the responsibility of both Directors with consultation from the Advisory Board.

Career Counseling

In addition to a professional development module included in all FEI programs, students may schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with a career advisor. Counseling sessions include resume and cover letter writing assistance, interview coaching, and crafting customized plans of action.

Educational Planning

Students who require academic advising may meet regularly with trained and experienced school advisors that are familiar with their specific educational goals and career paths. The advisors may offer learning recommendations and help each student stay on track to reach their short and long term educational objectives.

FERPA Authorization

The Family Educational Rights & Policy Act of 1974 (FERPA) states that no one other than the student is entitled to information on a student’s record (except directory information) unless the student has signed a release form and it is on file with the institution.

Housing Program

Students who are attending are recommended to stay in the hotel during their program. Each hotel is furnished to accommodate students for any length of time. Living in the hotel provides students with the best overall experience to while providing them a full immersion in to their studies.

Internet Access and Computer use

Students who wish to bring their notebook computers to class may enjoy high-speed Internet access. PC’s are available for student use at the school facility.


Many FEI programs are project- based and require students to create professional portfolios that showcase their ability and skills. To facilitate learning, faculty instructors are assigned to students as mentors. These mentors are familiar with the progress of their student mentees and can act as a go-to source for questions and guidance.

Tech Support

While basic computer proficiency is an unstated requirement in the modern hospitality workplace, we recognize that not all students have the requisite skills. FEI offers extensive technical support ranging from remedial to advanced assistance. Trained staff members are ready to meet with students one-on-one, offering step-by-step tech support.


Learning a new career or a new skill set is a challenging endeavor. This is especially true for adult learners, who may have rusty study skills. Our caring instructors are willing to donate their time to offer assistance outside of class. Simply reach out and schedule appointments. For online students, your assigned instructor is an ever-present resource.

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