What's Different

Focus Educational Institute (FEI) identified two problems with the current hospitality educational system. One, most current hospitality programs offer little or no actual “hands-on” training in a operating hotel environment with paying guests. Two, we saw a need for a focused educational experience that is cost effective for the student. Hotels around the world need quality, efficient and most importantly, job ready managers. At FEI, our approach is to equip students with job-readiness by offering such practical training in actual hotel environments.

FEI Program Benefits

Saving You More Time

We focus on what will make you job-ready. That is why our program is the fastest, most comprehensive program in the hospitality industry.

Better Job Placement

We teach you the skills to be successful in the hospitality industry. Those skills are what companies are looking for and we will help find you a job right after graduation.

Higher Level Position

The hospitality industry is in need of job- ready employees. Know that you will graduate with more than a degree, but with the actual hands-on experience in hotel operation employers are seeking in a hotel manager.

Higher Paying Job

Higher starting position means you will make more money immediately and ultimately more throughout your career.

Making Learning Better

We know that college can be expensive. That is why we not only created different programs that take less time, but also reduce the amount of college debt. We offer a college accredited program for degree seekers as well as a non-degree program.

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